Go Full Deluxe Package, or Option to Your Budget.

The Specialised Gaming Table adds a whole new dimension to any gaming situation.  The LED lighting effects particularly bring a level of sophistication and luxury, enhancing the experience and delivering a stand out “wow” factor.  This first gaming table is made of Jarrah, and was built to accommodate six feet by four feet terrain mats (not supplied) on the actual playing surface, as per the customer’s request.

It features LED lighting to the playing surface perimeter.  Additionally, the customer wanted partitions under the table for food and drinks to be placed so as to keep them away from the playing surface.  The partitions are made of 16mm whiteboard with natural Jarrah edging, and we decided to add LED’s here as well.  It has a great effect, with the LED colours glowing on the whiteboard in contrast to the dark timber finish.

To top it off, we included an overhead hood light, made of Jarrah the same as the table, again with LED lighting.  The overall effect is truly amazing in a dimmed environment, the LED’s shedding plenty of light to play by, and the capacity to set the three separate LED circuits to different brightness with the choice of many colour combinations.

The Gaming Table is not just for the strategy/battle games as per the photos shown – you can play any board game, as well as all the casino type games.  Perfect for poker and blackjack, and a table this size accomodates up to ten players.

As a pricing guide we have worked out the following, based on this Gaming Table to suit the 6’x4′ playing surface.  Of course, you can order a different shape or size and would be quoted accordingly, but this will work as an indicator.

This Gaming Table is available as a full Deluxe Package deal, or as a standard version with the option of adding as many or as few extras as you wish.  LED’s are remote controlled, 20 colours.  Timber options for these indicative prices are Jarrah or Spotted Gum.   Prices include GST.

  1. Standard Table, standard satin 2-pac finish, no options – $3,200
  2. 1.5mm black neoprene rubber to playing surface – $100
  3. LED to perimeter of playing surface – $350
  4. Under table partitions – $400
  5. LED to partitions – $350
  6. LED lit hood (does not include hanging fittings) – $800

TOTAL VALUE = $5, 200.  Complete Deluxe Package discount, which includes all the options – $4,900.

FURTHER DISCOUNT – This featured gaming table is made so that the playing mats suit the American terrain mats of imperial measurements (6’ x 4’), which are just over Australian metric sizes for many materials, making the width too wide.  This adds to labour and materials to make joins to increase the size by only a small margin.  If you are prepared to trim the width of your play mat by 30-40mm to suit a metric size, take $200 off Standard Table (down to $3,000) or the Deluxe Package (down to $4,700)Individual option prices will stay the same. 

REMINDER:  These prices are indicative for the Gaming Table pictured with the 6’x4′ playing surface – all tables ordered will be quoted individually according to size, timber and options.

It is hoped that providing different options will help to accommodate different budgets.  But for serious gamers,  this Deluxe Package really does tick all the boxes, and delivers a truly enhanced gaming experience.  And by comparison, you can pay a heck of a lot more for a decent pool table of similar size, and get just as much, if not more, use and genuine entertainment from your customised Gaming Table.