There is a story behind most logos, and they can be an important part of your business.  Something to represent what you do and to identify your business amongst the competition, and if your business is very successful, your logo can become recognised across the country, or even around the world.

Now, I’m not expecting my business and my logo achieve a global identity, but when I was thinking about a name for my company and the logo to represent it,  I did want it to mean something.  And I wanted a logo that was striking, yet simple. So here’s how it came about.

Birds of prey have long been used to represent all kinds of things, featuring on shields, flags, family crests, and myriads of company logos around the world. Usually  an eagle, and often depicted in an intimidating or fearsome pose with talons and beak poised for attack, they have always caught my attention. But to use one would be to make it like so many others, and I wanted something a bit different.   So what else is there in the bird of prey family?  Hawks, buzzards, falcons, harriers and ospreys are all well known, and are all fairly well represented amongst company names their associated logos.  And then it came to me.  One of my favourite birds of all to observe in the wild.  The kestrel.

Australia’s kestrel is known as the Nankeen Kestrel, and you have probably seen them hovering above a field or areas of thick grass.  I have been fascinated by their ability to hover in one place, extraordinarily patient, spying intently at the ground, and then suddenly diving into a thicket to pounce on some small rodent or reptile.  Their vision must be phenomenal to spot such a small target hiding in such cover from such a distance.  An incredible eye for detail, one might say.

And so a link in my mind formed.  To design and create fine furniture, and to finish it to an outstanding level of quality, one does need a very good eye for detail to accompany the hand skills.  This is what I believe I have, and bring it to the fore of my furniture creations.  I had found the ideal representation for my logo, and additionally, I liked the name Kestrel for the business.

I preferred the idea of a circular logo, and I discussed what I wanted with a graphic designer. After several drafts we had what I was after, and I then had the logo made into stylish matt silver metal medallions.  In each Kestrel Concepts Custom Designer Furniture piece, you will find the kestrel logo embedded.  This is to mark the authenticity of the piece, and will forever identify where it came from.  The mark of prestige and quality in custom furniture.